my crush actually loves me part 3

“Hey mikey” i said “Yeah whats up man?” “Nothing, hey can you bring me a weeks worth of clothes?” “Uh.. yeah sure man, where are you?” “Im over at cookie and karina’s house.” “Umm. Oh yeah now i remember where they live, ill be there in like 20 minutes” “Alright thanks man” i hung up the phone put my shorts back on and walked outside, until i saw his black sedan pull up. “Hey bro,you got some clothes and a square for me?” I asked while he pulled the clothes out of the back seat and pulled out some cigarettes and we both lit one. “Thanks man i owe you one” “No problem bro, and what are you doing over here anyway?” He asked “Just staying over for a few more days maybe the weekend to” “Oh i see, well im gunna go you know i have that test later and i have to open the shop for my boss.” “Ok, ill see you next week” “Alright ” so he drove away and i went and got dressed and started looking through the kitchen to see if i could find anything to cook for me and the girls, but every cabinet was empty. I started to feel heartbroken, so i walked in the room looked in my pockets to see if i still had my credit card that my dad bought me awhile back, i found the credit card and 200 dollars from work. I ‘forgot i had this’ i thought to myself. I kissed cookie on the cheek and then left for the grocery store. I got 2 cartons of eggs, a few packages of bacon, tortillas, sausage, pancake batter, milk, orange juice, and a few things for lunch and dinner. All in all i spent about 300 dollars on groceries off of my credit card. I didnt care i still had about 6000 on it. luckily i saw my friend and asked if he could take me back to their house. i got back around 8:00 am and started putting the groceries away. I started cooking eggs and sausage mix for some good breakfast tacos. I finished, got some plates and cups and went in the room. “Hey wake up.” I said. Karina had already been awake, just laying there trying to go back to sleep. “Whats that smell?” karina asked “I made breakfast for yall.” “With what, we dont have any food?” “I went grocery shopping for yall” i looked over at cookie kissed her on the lips. “Wake up baby” i smiled as she stretched her arms and returned my kiss. “Good morning my love” she replied and got up. “Wait kyle, why did you do that for us?” Karina asked looking like she was about to cry. “I care about yall.” I said as she jumped up and hugged me like i had saved her life. “No one has cared for us in so long.” Karina said as i felt tears soaking my shoulder. “Well im here now ok, ill never hurt or leave yall ok. now get dressed and go eat some food.” I said in a laughing matter.i looked at cookie. “You to little lady ” i walked out and into the kitchen. I sat down and waited for them, and they raced to the table like little kids. Karina sat in the chair next to me and cookie sat on my lap and shared breakfast with me. karina got up when she was done and looked in the cabinet. “Cookie?” “Yeah karina?” “I love your boyfriend more than you right now” she said just staring into the cabinet full of food. Cookie and I smiled. “I don’t think so”cookie said and then kissed me on the lips. “y’all put a movie on or something, im going to wash the dishes” i said. “ok.” they said almost in unison. they ran to the living room and put some spanish movie in, i couldnt understand the shit but if thats there choice so be it. i started the dishes and finished pretty fast actually.i walked in the living room and the movie was on a sex scene, ‘kind of creepy, that it came on right as i walked in.. there up to something ‘ “what are yall watching?” i asked. “some porn mixed with a love story” karina said as she smiled and winked at me. “oh i see” i sat down between them both and tried to understand as hard as i could. karina slipped her hand in my pants and rubbing my balls. i looked over at cookie and she was sound asleep. karina motioned a silence sign at me and started pulling me up slowly. “i need you in my pussy now.” karina whispered in my ear and then nibbled on my ear lobe. “what about cookie?” “dont worry she is a heavy sleeper.” “ok” i said as we walked back into the bedroom and layed on the bed. “are you a virgin?” i asked “no, far from it ” she said as she undressed. “i just need that big dick in my pussy right now.” i pulled down my shorts and boxers and she started sucking my dick, just 5 strokes for lubrication. she then crawled up and sat on my dick. “mmm, that feels so good papi” karina said. i smiled as she started riding my dick, slapping her nice ass on my balls and thighs. all you could hear was clap, clap, clap, clap. “ohhh, fuck” she screamed. at first i thought she came but she just has a sensitive pussy i guess. i reached my hand around and started rubbing her asshole and thrusting my fingers inside, this really caused a reaction. “oh papi, im so close. please keep doing that.” i starting fucking her back and put two fingers in her ass thrusting them in with a circular motion for stimulation. “oh FUCK!!” she screamed. i kept up the pace and felt her squirting her pussy juices onto my dick. i was very close to cumming now. so i kept thrusting hard inside of her. “im about to cum.” i screamed, she jumped off real quick, got on her knees and opened her mouth. I stood up and jacked off my dick and came all over her pretty little face. now i was a little confused, why didnt she let me cum inside of her. “umm karina, why didnt you let me cum inside of your pussy?” “kyle we hardly have enough money for food, how are we going to afford birth control.” she told me. right then and there realization hit me hard. and left me with a ‘im fucked’ look on my face.i then sat on the bed and burst into tears. “oh my god, kyle please dont tell me you came inside of cookie last night?” all i could do was nod yes. now at this point i was scared for my life, all i could ask myself was ‘what if she is pregnant? what will i do for her? how will we finish school? what will my parents say?’ these questions over and over into my head. “shhhhh. its ok kyle.” was all karina could say to me. i sat there for over an hour crying and thinking about how i could raise her and the baby. im only 16. and then i it dawned on me. i dont know if its because i have walked in the path of jesus and forgiveness is my shit now or if its just because i love her to fucking much, because i thought to myself ‘ so what if we have a baby, my dad said if i wanted to then i could work with him in the bank when i hit 18. so i would have a steady job, and i love this girl to much to be mad at her’ i got up wiped my tears and walked in the living room and kissed cookie on the lips, she smiled and then said “im trying to sleep, quit kissing me with those big sexy lips” she said while smiling. “cookie, we need to talk about something. so be serious please.” hearing that she sat up and looked at me. “whats wrong boo, is everything ok?” “why didnt you tell me that your not on birth control?” i asked with a stern look on my face. “oh. umm.. you found out?” she said looking like she was going to cry “your damn right i found out. how could you let me cum inside of you when your not on birth control? you know how bad that can jeapordize our future?” i said with kind of a furious look on my face. “i.. im.. im sorry baby, im so sorry, please i just didnt think you would care, i love you baby i wanted a baby i need you for the rest of my life.i didnt know any other ways. please dont leave me.. im sorry.” she said while crying as hard as she could. she threw her arms around my waist and put her face in my chest. all i could do is smile. “thats all i needed to hear.” i said with a big smile on my face. she looked at me and smiled to. “you scared me so bad kyle, dont ever do that again. i thought you were going to leave and never come back.” “i would never do that. baby i need you to and if you are pregnant then I’ll find a way to support us. ok?” i said “okay, let me go ask if i can borrow a pregnancy test from karina” she kissed me and then walked into the room. i just grabbed the remote and started flipping through channels. luckily there neighbor let them get free cable or some shit. i turned to comedy central and watched one of my favorite stand up comedians until cookie came in like 10 minutes later. “baby.” she said “yeah?” she smiled and said “yes.” “really?” i jumped up and picked her up and started kissing her. “but you’ll have to take it again in like 2 weeks because thats when it will show up better.”i then said. “ok baby” she replied. were laughing, kissing and hugging for another 10 minutes when suddenly someone knocked on the door really loud. it scared me because it was so sudden, but both of the girls started getting sad and terrified. “ill answer it.” i said walking over to the door. it took me a second to open it. my hand rested on the doorknob, and then i opened the door… TO BE CONTINUED.

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